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Top Restaurant and Bar in India

Since its inception in 1999, First Fiddle Restaurant has been a Indian restaurant with a difference. Built around owner Priyank Sukhhija’s playful and warm personality, First Fiddle Restaurant took Indian Cuisine – a Indian style of cuisine involving a cascading of intricate dishes, known for its taste and formal approach – and turn it into ‘fine dining restaurant and bar’.It is Widely celebrated as The Best Restaurant in India, a title it won most recently “Asia’s largest restaurant chains”. It is the result of the inextricable combination of two elements: impeccable food and selfless hospitality.

As the CEO of First Fiddle Restaurant explained at  presented by many awards in  hospitality sector, First Fiddle Restaurant starts from when the customer first calls the restaurant to seek a reservation.

The first contact with the diner is handled by his team with the utmost kindness and friendliness. First Fiddle Restaurant aim is to make his customers smile – even before they’re seated at the table.

Thanks to the couple’s labour of love, everything at the restaurant is conceived with the customer in mind. From the warmest of welcomes, to the personalised touches on the dishes and First Fiddle’s own trips into the dining room to bring his positivity and sense of humour to the room, every aspect of a meal and drink at First Fiddle is designed to give the guest feel special.

Priyank Sukhija is a prolific restauranteur, industrious to the core and a true innovator! A simple man, he doesn’t sweat of success. An amiable personality, he is zealous towards what he does. Born in a family of educated lawyers, Priyank has been the captain of his own boat. The only businessman in the family, he opened the fine-dining restaurant Lazeez Affaire at Malcha Marg, with support from his parents at the young age of 19. The success of Lazeez Affaire prompted him to take Delhi’s existing culinary experience and transform it into something no one could foresee. Priyank Sukhija is a prolific restaurateur, industrious to the core and a true innovator! A simple man, he doesn’t sweat of success.

First Fiddle Restaurant manages to make international guests feel as at home as locals through the thoughtful touches in his food and his tireless smile. First Fiddle’s  Food Menu, another of the restaurant’s signatures, is a piece of crispy chicken stuffed with seasonal ingredients and served in a personalised box that may feature the diner’s photo – a unique Indian cuisine that helps raise Den’s hospitality to another level.

First Fiddle Restaurants is one of the largest F&B company in India in the casual dining segment. The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Priyank Sukhija, is a well known and influential name in the industry. He is a frequent recipient of awards for his dedication and valuable contributions to the hospitality sector. He has been awarded the ‘Rajiv Gandhi National Award for Excellence in Hospitality and ‘Hindustan Times Game Changer Awards’ in 2017.

First Fiddle Restaurant is offering franchise opportunity for all  brand like Lord of the drinks, Jlwa, Tamasha, Plumbybentchair, Openhouse Café, Warehouse Café, Dragonfly experience and it is most profitable franchise opportunity in India. First Fiddle is offering franchise opportunity for largest restaurant and bar in India.

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