Fastest growing restaurant chains in India

One of the largest F&B companies in India, First Fiddle Restaurants, formerly known as The Lazeez Affaire Group, was established in the year 1999 by Priyank Sukhija and Y.P. Ashok. With over 30 restaurants, it is one of the largest restaurant chain in India. The prolific restaurateur, Priyank Sukhija, has been successful in bringing a wave of innovation in the restaurant industry. Born in a family of lawyers, he became the only businessman in the family. Beginning his journey with Lazeez Affaire, he has now been able to create the most talked about brands in the hospitality industry- Lord of the Drinks, Tamasha, The Flying Saucer Cafe, Warehouse Cafe, Teddy Boy and many more.


Their first outlet, ‘Lazeez Affaire,’ managed to become the go-to place for good food, drinks, conversation, and laughter in Delhi, NCR. Following the success that they managed to gather at their first shot, the company has grown continuously through leaps and bounds, and there has been no looking back. Coming from an era where people either opted for fine dining or clubbing, Priyank has been a true pioneer in building and popularizing the casual dining.

With the launch of their other well-known brands ‘Lord Of The Drinks,’ ‘JLWA,’ ‘The Flying Saucer Cafe’, etc., the company has managed to live up to the industry standard, while being the brain behind some of the best Multi-Cuisine Restaurant and Bar Franchise in the country.

Talking about a few top restaurants of theirs, there are-

Lord Of The Drink– Lord of the Drinks, the largest bar chain of the county and a trademark of grand lifestyle, is redefining the way one party, the Lord’s way!

Plum by Bent Chair– Plum by Bent Chair, India’s first real retail restaurant, is based in the ‘plum’ location of the cities having a unique & exclusive concept of dining and shopping under one roof.

JLWA JLWA, a dynamic all-day bar, and kitchen, are having an exquisite interior presenting the explicit Euro-Indie cuisine in Mumbai & soon setting the hearts in the capital too!

Dragonfly Experience– Dragonfly Experience, Priyank Sukhija’s venture, in collaboration with Badshah, gives away high energy dining in Fusion cuisine from Asia & Europe & world-class exclusive mixology.

The Flying Saucer Café– The Flying Saucer Cafe, a place with eclectic vibes exhibiting an alluring medley of delectable cuisine. A power-packed event line up and crazy night scenes make it the best go-to party place.

Rocky Star Cocktail Bar– Rocky Star Cocktail Bar, an up-scale bar infused with bold, dramatic, oozing glitz & grace interiors, is an ode to people that encompasses food from across the globe.

Tamasha– Tamasha, stands for attainable extravagance, adding a tinge of drama to the mundane. It speaks of refined taste for its extensive, delectable, modern food and beverage offerings.

Daddy – Daddy – The Everyday Bar highlights India’s first Flipping Bar is having a pop & quirky décor, stunning gazebo rooftop setting, delicious fusion food, and innovative signature cocktails.

Now, when the First Fiddle Restaurants has set its foot remarkably well in these last few years. They have come up with so many other restaurants and franchises in the pipeline. To name a few, there is Lord Of The Drinks franchises coming up at Lucknow, Mohali, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Goa, Indore, etc. then there are JLWA, Flying Saucer, Lazeez Affaire’s franchises coming up at various other cities. To talk about their new upcoming restaurants, they have Miso Sexy in Bangalore, Plum By Bent Chair in Noida & Gurugram, and Lies By Bent Chair at Saket.

So excited to look upon their new launches and what new they come up with! They are doing so best in this industry, setting high hopes from people around. Also, with an endless number of Best Indian Restaurant Awards by various organizations such as ‘Times Nightlife’, ‘GQ’, etc. this proves that the company’s approach has not only worked well, but they have managed to rule the F&B industry in India.

Food and Beverage Industry – Fastest-growing Industry in India

Food and beverages – these two items go a long way along with modern peoples’ day to day life. Talking about Food & Beverage Industry, it comes under the FMCG sector and contributes up to 19%. With the growing industrialization, urbanization and evolving lifestyles, this particular F & B sector is booming and growing rapidly.

People are now more likely to try new things daily. They are bored with their drab way of living and that’s where they start exploring new and interesting ideas to make life more amazing. And in their quest for an exciting lifestyle, food and beverages produced by the food and beverage companies play a key role.

Now, the Food & Beverage industry comprises of two broad types−

  • Commercial − In this case, F&B Services is the primary business. The most known commercial catering establishments are — hotels, all kinds of restaurants, lounges, cafeterias, pubs, clubs, and bars.
  • Non-Commercial − Non-commercial operations are secondary businesses in alliance with the main business. These F&B services mainly cater to their consumers with a limited choice of food and beverages. These establishments often run under contracts. For example, food and beverage services provided at hospitals, hostels, and prisons.

Comparatively, the commercial sector has grown much. They are perhaps the most fluid form of the F&B operation types, adjusting and changing to the demands of the marketplace. They constitute over 74 per cent of the market and are growing exponentially. This industry has spearheaded restaurant trends such as expansion to small cities in India, and different formats such as dine-in, in-mall outlets, and drive-thrust, which has provided the customers with easy access to eating out.

Additionally, due to the growing exposure to international cultures and lifestyles, Indians have started experimenting with food. They are developing their tastes for different cuisines, apart from traditional Indian cuisine. The industry is working at its best to provide the best cuisines from throughout the world to people.First Fiddle Restaurants is one such company dedicated to being a game-changer in the F&B industry with the introduction of ‘concept’ restaurants. We are committed to catering to the ever-changing cosmopolitan taste of its customers & customer satisfaction is an utmost priority. Our restaurants like Lord of the drinks, Jlwa, Dragonfly Experience and Tamasha are spread all over India in major metropolitan cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Lucknow and more. Plans for global expansion are underway.

Franchise Model in India

Franchising can be defined as Business Operations owned or operated or both by a third party under the licensing from the parent brand which entitles the licensee that will use the brand of the company, operational procedures and the products of the company
Franchise model is given by the company and it is well established brands to expand their business presence. Market share is in a fast paced manner by the brands.
Benefits of Franchising for Brand

  • Rapid expansion of business
  • Penetrating new markets by engaging partnership with local business men
  • Reduced Capital and Operational expenditure
  • Higher return on investment
  • Lower risk of business exit
  • Increase brand value and presence
    Usually a company begins operations with Company Owned and Company Operated Model of business (COCO) but when the brand is well established, the company get into a franchise model to reduce operational cost, capital cost and to increase the return on investment through the brand value that the company has created for itself.
  1. Franchise Owned Franchisee Operated (FOFO)
    This model is adopted by any companies for rapid expansion of brand by making its presence and to capture new markets with the help of person at different location. In this franchise model, company is trained the staffs, branches setup and furnished is done by the Company and given to the Franchise. It will also monitoring the operations and maintain standards of the company and operations is independently managed by the franchisee. The Franchisee pays a licensing fee as per the agreed terms to the Company. Surprise and scheduled SOP audits are done by the Company to ensure high standards are maintained. When Franchise fails repeatedly in audits, the Company either levies fines or pulls out from the contract eventually closing the franchisee business.
    But when well operated, the local market knowledge of the franchisee coupled with the business expertise of the Company are put to the right use there by fetching good profits for both the Company and the Franchisee.
    A good example for this model are Fast Food Chains where in the business is owned and operated by the franchise but regular audits are done by the Company to ensure standards are maintained as agreed.
  2. Franchise Owned Company Operated (FOCO)
    This model is adopted by Brands when the company want to less expenditure and expand faster. In this model the franchise owns the business but the brand and the operations is handled by the company with regular reporting done to the franchisee on performance of the business. The franchisee can oversee the business and question the Company in case of poor performance.
  3. Company Owned Franchise Operated (COFO)
    This franchise model is adopted by Brands when it want to decrease its operational cost. From this model the Brands gives the operations of the company to an interested franchise to control over the operations of thecompany with the former employ and SOP audits to ensure standards are adhered to. The business ownership still lies solely with the Company, the franchise can be changed when the Company identifies a more profitable and efficient franchisee. This model of franchise is adopted by the brand only in great position in the markets where brand has operated and got high ROI.
    A good example for this model is Cafeterias within Hospitals and Corporates that are owned by the company but operated by a franchise for a lease period and then new bidding happens at the end of the lease term or when the company find out that the franchise is not maintaining the expected standards.
  4. Franchise Invested Company Operated (FICO)
    This model of franchise is similar to FOCO but the difference is unlike FOCO the franchise has not involve it selves in business operations over all. Only an agreed fixed amount is paid to the Franchisee by the company for the investment done by franchisee in the business. In this model there can be multiple franchise investors for a single business unit and the Company runs the business operations with end to end control of the supply chain.

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Best Casual Dining Restaurant in Bangalore

Daddy, the latest feather in First Fiddle Restaurants’ cap, is a casual dining cocktail bar located in the heart of Indiranagar, Bengaluru. Co-owned by Lokesh Sukhija and Priyank Sukhija, Daddy comes from a house that boasts 30+ outlets across India with brands like Lord Of The Drinks, Plum By Bent Chair, The Flying Saucer Cafe, Dragonfly Experience, and more.  

With a total area of over 18,000 sq feet, Daddy is spread across two floors which includes a terrace. The decor boasts bold colours inspired by pop culture, with quirky elements added to Greek figures that can be found in every corner of the outlet. One of Daddy’s major highlights is the Flipping Bar’, the first of its kind in India and a delight to watch. The terrace has been designed as a casual dining lounge with an open bar, ideal for a relaxing evening. To add to it’s charm, this floor flaunts a tropical theme, with unique plants from around the country.  

Featuring a menu that has been specially curated for Bengaluru by Chef Sagar Bajaj, the Corporate Chef at First Fiddle Restaurants, Daddy offers a range of New Age Continental flavors that create a wonderful fusion between authentic tastes and South Indian preferences. From Sriracha Tofu Bao to Baraised Achari Pork Spare Ribs, Daddy has something for everyone. For cocktails, Mr. Raj Negi, an expert mixologist, has put together a wide range of concoctions, giving Daddy the largest cocktail menu is all of Bengaluru. Each cocktail has been crafted by the master himself, beautifully reflecting its inspiration.  

Lokesh Sukhija, owner of Daddy, says, “ With Daddy, we are taking First Fiddle Restaurants to South India. It has ruled in North India, and it’s time it brings similar experiences to South India. Daddy, with all its eccentricities, is a concept that has never been seen before in Bengaluru. I’m both excited and anxious for this launch!”

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Top Restaurant and Bar in India

Since its inception in 1999, First Fiddle Restaurant has been a Indian restaurant with a difference. Built around owner Priyank Sukhhija’s playful and warm personality, First Fiddle Restaurant took Indian Cuisine – a Indian style of cuisine involving a cascading of intricate dishes, known for its taste and formal approach – and turn it into ‘fine dining restaurant and bar’.It is Widely celebrated as The Best Restaurant in India, a title it won most recently “Asia’s largest restaurant chains”. It is the result of the inextricable combination of two elements: impeccable food and selfless hospitality.

As the CEO of First Fiddle Restaurant explained at  presented by many awards in  hospitality sector, First Fiddle Restaurant starts from when the customer first calls the restaurant to seek a reservation.

The first contact with the diner is handled by his team with the utmost kindness and friendliness. First Fiddle Restaurant aim is to make his customers smile – even before they’re seated at the table.

Thanks to the couple’s labour of love, everything at the restaurant is conceived with the customer in mind. From the warmest of welcomes, to the personalised touches on the dishes and First Fiddle’s own trips into the dining room to bring his positivity and sense of humour to the room, every aspect of a meal and drink at First Fiddle is designed to give the guest feel special.

Priyank Sukhija is a prolific restauranteur, industrious to the core and a true innovator! A simple man, he doesn’t sweat of success. An amiable personality, he is zealous towards what he does. Born in a family of educated lawyers, Priyank has been the captain of his own boat. The only businessman in the family, he opened the fine-dining restaurant Lazeez Affaire at Malcha Marg, with support from his parents at the young age of 19. The success of Lazeez Affaire prompted him to take Delhi’s existing culinary experience and transform it into something no one could foresee. Priyank Sukhija is a prolific restaurateur, industrious to the core and a true innovator! A simple man, he doesn’t sweat of success.

First Fiddle Restaurant manages to make international guests feel as at home as locals through the thoughtful touches in his food and his tireless smile. First Fiddle’s  Food Menu, another of the restaurant’s signatures, is a piece of crispy chicken stuffed with seasonal ingredients and served in a personalised box that may feature the diner’s photo – a unique Indian cuisine that helps raise Den’s hospitality to another level.

First Fiddle Restaurants is one of the largest F&B company in India in the casual dining segment. The Managing Director of the company, Mr. Priyank Sukhija, is a well known and influential name in the industry. He is a frequent recipient of awards for his dedication and valuable contributions to the hospitality sector. He has been awarded the ‘Rajiv Gandhi National Award for Excellence in Hospitality and ‘Hindustan Times Game Changer Awards’ in 2017.

First Fiddle Restaurant is offering franchise opportunity for all  brand like Lord of the drinks, Jlwa, Tamasha, Plumbybentchair, Openhouse Café, Warehouse Café, Dragonfly experience and it is most profitable franchise opportunity in India. First Fiddle is offering franchise opportunity for largest restaurant and bar in India.

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Franchise opportunity in Bangalore

As we know that Bangalore is silk city of India and the living status is high as compare of other people. People in Bangalore are from across India and globe and they are found of good taste and ambiance where they can find good vibes. So, food franchise in Bangalore is best business step and most profitable business step.

I w’ll suggest for Franchise with First Fiddle Restaurant. First Fiddle Restaurant is one of the largest restaurant chains in India and it is run by business tycoon Priyank Sukhija. The major brand of First Fiddle Restaurant are Lord of the drinks, Jlwa, Tamasha, Plumbybentchchair, Dragonfly Experience, Openhouse Cafe, Warehouse Cafe, Teddy Boy, The flying saucer cafe and Daddy. All brands of First Fiddle Restaurant is available across India and it is also planning for global expansion.

The brand of First Fiddle Restaurant are based on different theme. Lord of the drinks is one of the major brand of First Fiddle Restaurant and it is one of the biggest restaurant chain’s of Asia. Lord of the drinks is based on the famous web series “Game of Throne”. In every branch of First Fiddle Restaurant you will find “IRON THRONE” and golden ambiance. Dragonfly Experience is collibration singer and raper “BADSHAH”. The ambiance of Dragonfly Experience gives experience of flying dragon in restaurant. Teddy Boy feels you old London road and Britain Flag. “Plumbybenchair” is offering dual services. it is offering global level taste and beverage along with you can buy decor items and luxury product.

First Fiddle Restaurant is offering franchise opportunity for its brand and it is one the most profitable business opportunity in India. It’s also offering franchise for largest restaurant chains in India and top 10 franchise opportunity in India.

Food and Beverage services in India

Food and Beverage services are the fastest growing industry in India. First Fiddle, an F&B company is ruling the throne. With more than 30 restaurants running under its name, First Fiddle is gradually becoming the future of the restaurant industry in India. One among the best dinner restaurant Lord of The Drinks is booming with success as the largest restaurant-bar, flourishing pan India.

Food and Beverage services are slowly becoming a staple in the hospitality industry globally. India, as a populous country, is expected to be among the largest consumers by 2025. Whenever we talk about India, it’s all about its culture and of course, food. The agrarian sector and the F&B industry are interdependent, thus, benefiting the masses. India is able to grow its market across borders with time, hence developing technologies and avenues, which help them grow as a booming industry. If we look at the numbers for this year, the revenue in the F&B sector amounts to US $570 M, which is a very high number.

The huge population and the bourgeois are the major factors for this industry’s growth. Increased income has enabled an increase in disposable revenue, which has further affected lifestyles. Families are eating out more often and accessing comfort food. As the F&B industry continues to expand in the country, the annual growth rate for revenues is expected to increase by 20% in the near future, resulting in a market volume of US$ 1,181 M by 2023. India as an industry is moving neck to neck with most of the major powers and is expected to hit the spot within a couple of years, booming in the F&B arena probably more than or equal to China.

First Fiddle Restaurant | One of the largest restaurant chain in India

One of the largest F&B companies in India, First Fiddle Restaurants, formerly known as The Lazeez Affaire Group, was established in the year 1999 by Priyank Sukhija and Y.P. Ashok. With over 30 restaurants, it is one of the largest restaurant chain in India.Their first outlet ‘Lazeez Affaire’ managed to become the go-to place for good food, drinks, conversation and laughter in Delhi and the NCR. Following the success that they managed to gather at their first shot, the company  has constantly grown through leaps and bounds and there has been no looking back.

With the launch of their other well-known brands ‘Lord Of The Drinks’, ‘JLWA’, ‘The Flying Saucer Cafe’, etc., the company has managed to live up to the industry standard, while being the brain behind some of the best Multi-Cuisine Restaurant and Bar Franchise in the country. First Fiddle Restaurants introduced the concept of casual dining in Delhi and NCR region. Priyank Sukhija, the Managing Director has won endless number of Best Indian Restaurant Awards by various organisations such as, ‘Times Nightlife’, ‘GQ’, etc. This proves that the company’s approach has not only worked well, but they have managed to rule the F&B industry in India.

With restaurants like Lord of the Drinks, The Flying Saucer Cafe, JLWA under his belt, Priyank Sukhija has become a renowned name in the hospitality sector. The location, decor, food and bar speak volumes of what Priyank has planned for all his outlets. The company always manages to surprise its patrons with unique concepts and quirky decor. Lord of the Drinks, Lower Parel, a part of the ‘Lord of the Drinks’ chain claims to have the longest bar in Asia, boasting of jaw dropping 200 ft iconic bar with some of the most magnificent cocktails and food menu. Another Mumbai outlet, JLWA, aims to catch the soul of Indian Cuisine, adding their own quirky touch to all its dishes. The Flying Saucer Cafe, one of the most happening places in Delhi, famously known for its Sufi Nights, has become a boon for all music lovers and foodies.

Priyank believes wholeheartedly in offering unique experiences to all. “I believe in giving the best and keep hosting nights that are high on energy and a treat to music lover”, which is a testimony to how much the organisation believes in providing an experience that patrons can cherish forever rather than only focusing on numbers and sales figures. This is probably why First Fiddle Restaurants manages the largest restaurant chains in India.

Franchise opportunity for Restaurant and Bar

First Fiddle Restaurant is one of the largest restaurant chain in india, which is run by Priyank Shukhija a popular face in food and Beverage industry. The major brand of the First Fiddle are Lord of the drinks, Jlwa, Tamasha, The Flying Saucer Cafe ,Plumbybentchair, Dragonfly Experience, Teddy Boy, Warehouse cafe, Openhouse cafe. The brands are spread across India in major city like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Pune and Lucknow. There are many place in list to be open soon.

Lord of the drinks

First Fiddle Restaurant offers franchise opportunity for its brand across country. It is one of the most profitable franchise opportunity in India. The brand of First Fiddle restaurant ie Lord of the drinks, Jlwa, The Flying Saucer Cafe is getting huge response from public. After the wining of heart of mumbai, Jlwa step towards delhi. Lord of the drinks step towards chennai and kolkata after getting huge success in Delhi and Mumbai. All brands of First Fiddle have their own theme like Teddy Boy is taken from Britain traditional wear theme.

Teddy Boy

Restaurant Business | One of the fastest growing sector in India

Our word is one fast pace, In this speedy world some sectors are booming up and some sectors are cripping down but Food and Beverage sector are touching very hight in today’s era. Nowadays every person is found of good taste that makes his/ her day. People around the world are also found in India dishes. India taste represents many times around the world and make every one found of its dishes and set an example around the world.
In a busy life, people like spent quality time on food and good restaurant gives his/ her great vibes. The cuisine of dishes allows him to get endure flavor. The flavor that attracts towards all others around it. Restaurant Business attracts more people around it. We think that Restaurant engages their people by many ways like if we have celebrated any happy movement we took step towards the restaurant if we feeling hungry than we move towards the restaurant if we spent quality times we move a step towards the restaurant, so many times restaurant engage people towards it.
India is set one of the best examples in the Food and Beverage sector. India is found of many great known restaurants like Lord of the Drinks, The flying saucer cafe, Plumbybentchair, Dragonfly experience, jlwa, and Teddy Boy. These restaurants are located in the major city of India. The cuisine of the restaurant gives you great vibes by their ambiance. Taste of restaurant is touching with new hight by professional shaif.
If you want to invest, then the restaurant business is a good example for you. The restaurant business is one of the most profitable businesses in India. Its demand is increasing day by day and has more chances to spread it all around the world, so food and beverage ruled over the indian market.

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