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Franchise opportunity for Restaurant and Bar

First Fiddle Restaurant is one of the largest restaurant chain in india, which is run by Priyank Shukhija a popular face in food and Beverage industry. The major brand of the First Fiddle are Lord of the drinks, Jlwa, Tamasha, The Flying Saucer Cafe ,Plumbybentchair, Dragonfly Experience, Teddy Boy, Warehouse cafe, Openhouse cafe. The brands are spread across India in major city like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, Pune and Lucknow. There are many place in list to be open soon.

Lord of the drinks

First Fiddle Restaurant offers franchise opportunity for its brand across country. It is one of the most profitable franchise opportunity in India. The brand of First Fiddle restaurant ie Lord of the drinks, Jlwa, The Flying Saucer Cafe is getting huge response from public. After the wining of heart of mumbai, Jlwa step towards delhi. Lord of the drinks step towards chennai and kolkata after getting huge success in Delhi and Mumbai. All brands of First Fiddle have their own theme like Teddy Boy is taken from Britain traditional wear theme.

Teddy Boy

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