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Fastest Restaurant Expansion – First Fiddle

First Fiddle is the largest restaurant chain in India and it’s founder and CEO is a prolific restaurateur Priynak Sukhija. The major brand of First Fiddle Restaurants is Lord of the Drinks, Jlwa, Tamasha, Plumbybentchair, Dragonfly Experience, Daddy and many more. Few in the list of brand which is coming soon in the 2020. First Fiddle Restaurants has created the concept of fine dining segments in the f&b industry in India.


Taking about the First Fiddle, the company is in the race of 500 crore in 2020. There are 15+ outlets open in the 2019 and 20+ outlets are in the queue to be open in 2020. The upcoming brand of First Fiddle Restaurants to be launch are Diablo, Mixosexy, Liesbybentchair. Diablo is one of the major projects of First Fiddle Restaurants to be open in the heart of Mehrauli (South Delhi). Mixosexy will be open in the Indranagar Bengaluru. Lies by Bentchair is a joint venture of First Fiddle and Natasha Jain (Co-founder and CEO Bentchair). The restaurant will be open in Select CITYWALK(Saket).

Daddy Bar

First Fiddle also offering franchise opportunity in India and give chances to become partner with First Fiddle. In 2019 there are 15 franchise outlets open across India. Lord of the Drinks creating history and open 7+ outlets in major cities like Chennai, Bengaluru, Noida, Kolkata, Kanpur, Lucknow, and Powai(Mumbai). Dragonfly Experience is opened in Delhi and Mumbai, It becomes the most sought place where it spread its floor. The Flying Saucer Cafe is introduced in Mumbai. Plumbybentchair opened in the Janpath Delhi. There are many more on the list to be coming soon First Fiddle Outlets. Like Lord of the Drinks will be open in Indore, Goa, Hyderabad, and Agra. Lazzez Affaire will be open in Surat, where the flying saucer cafe will be open Kanpur and Chandigarh. Jlwa is also exploring its foot over Mohali, Lucknow and Delhi.


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