High Energy Bar – Dragonfly Experience

Dragonfly Experience, another gemstone in the treasure box that First Fiddle Restaurant.The splashy restaurant offers you a plush vibe for an best fine-dine experience.Indulge with a gastronomic feast with Dragonfly experience’s culinary expertise, serving you lip-smacking Cantonese cuisine. With a palatable spread, you can also unwind to the ritzy bar offering an effervescent mix ofContinue reading “High Energy Bar – Dragonfly Experience”

Fastest Restaurant Expansion – First Fiddle

First Fiddle is the largest restaurant chain in India and it’s founder and CEO is a prolific restaurateur Priynak Sukhija. The major brand of First Fiddle Restaurants is Lord of the Drinks, Jlwa, Tamasha, Plumbybentchair, Dragonfly Experience, Daddy and many more. Few in the list of brand which is coming soon in the 2020. FirstContinue reading “Fastest Restaurant Expansion – First Fiddle”

Fastest growing restaurant chains in India

One of the largest F&B companies in India, First Fiddle Restaurants, formerly known as The Lazeez Affaire Group, was established in the year 1999 by Priyank Sukhija and Y.P. Ashok. With over 30 restaurants, it is one of the largest restaurant chain in India. The prolific restaurateur, Priyank Sukhija, has been successful in bringing aContinue reading “Fastest growing restaurant chains in India”

Franchise opportunity in Bangalore

As we know that Bangalore is silk city of India and the living status is high as compare of other people. People in Bangalore are from across India and globe and they are found of good taste and ambiance where they can find good vibes. So, food franchise in Bangalore is best business step andContinue reading “Franchise opportunity in Bangalore”

Food and Beverage services in India

Food and Beverage services are the fastest growing industry in India. First Fiddle, an F&B company is ruling the throne. With more than 30 restaurants running under its name, First Fiddle is gradually becoming the future of the restaurant industry in India. One among the best dinner restaurant Lord of The Drinks is booming withContinue reading “Food and Beverage services in India”

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