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Fastest growing restaurant chains in India

One of the largest F&B companies in India, First Fiddle Restaurants, formerly known as The Lazeez Affaire Group, was established in the year 1999 by Priyank Sukhija and Y.P. Ashok. With over 30 restaurants, it is one of the largest restaurant chain in India. The prolific restaurateur, Priyank Sukhija, has been successful in bringing a wave of innovation in the restaurant industry. Born in a family of lawyers, he became the only businessman in the family. Beginning his journey with Lazeez Affaire, he has now been able to create the most talked about brands in the hospitality industry- Lord of the Drinks, Tamasha, The Flying Saucer Cafe, Warehouse Cafe, Teddy Boy and many more.


Their first outlet, ‘Lazeez Affaire,’ managed to become the go-to place for good food, drinks, conversation, and laughter in Delhi, NCR. Following the success that they managed to gather at their first shot, the company has grown continuously through leaps and bounds, and there has been no looking back. Coming from an era where people either opted for fine dining or clubbing, Priyank has been a true pioneer in building and popularizing the casual dining.

With the launch of their other well-known brands ‘Lord Of The Drinks,’ ‘JLWA,’ ‘The Flying Saucer Cafe’, etc., the company has managed to live up to the industry standard, while being the brain behind some of the best Multi-Cuisine Restaurant and Bar Franchise in the country.

Talking about a few top restaurants of theirs, there are-

Lord Of The Drink– Lord of the Drinks, the largest bar chain of the county and a trademark of grand lifestyle, is redefining the way one party, the Lord’s way!

Plum by Bent Chair– Plum by Bent Chair, India’s first real retail restaurant, is based in the ‘plum’ location of the cities having a unique & exclusive concept of dining and shopping under one roof.

JLWA JLWA, a dynamic all-day bar, and kitchen, are having an exquisite interior presenting the explicit Euro-Indie cuisine in Mumbai & soon setting the hearts in the capital too!

Dragonfly Experience– Dragonfly Experience, Priyank Sukhija’s venture, in collaboration with Badshah, gives away high energy dining in Fusion cuisine from Asia & Europe & world-class exclusive mixology.

The Flying Saucer Café– The Flying Saucer Cafe, a place with eclectic vibes exhibiting an alluring medley of delectable cuisine. A power-packed event line up and crazy night scenes make it the best go-to party place.

Rocky Star Cocktail Bar– Rocky Star Cocktail Bar, an up-scale bar infused with bold, dramatic, oozing glitz & grace interiors, is an ode to people that encompasses food from across the globe.

Tamasha– Tamasha, stands for attainable extravagance, adding a tinge of drama to the mundane. It speaks of refined taste for its extensive, delectable, modern food and beverage offerings.

Daddy – Daddy – The Everyday Bar highlights India’s first Flipping Bar is having a pop & quirky décor, stunning gazebo rooftop setting, delicious fusion food, and innovative signature cocktails.

Now, when the First Fiddle Restaurants has set its foot remarkably well in these last few years. They have come up with so many other restaurants and franchises in the pipeline. To name a few, there is Lord Of The Drinks franchises coming up at Lucknow, Mohali, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Goa, Indore, etc. then there are JLWA, Flying Saucer, Lazeez Affaire’s franchises coming up at various other cities. To talk about their new upcoming restaurants, they have Miso Sexy in Bangalore, Plum By Bent Chair in Noida & Gurugram, and Lies By Bent Chair at Saket.

So excited to look upon their new launches and what new they come up with! They are doing so best in this industry, setting high hopes from people around. Also, with an endless number of Best Indian Restaurant Awards by various organizations such as ‘Times Nightlife’, ‘GQ’, etc. this proves that the company’s approach has not only worked well, but they have managed to rule the F&B industry in India.


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